Above all, we believe that real change is possible and that tomorrow doesn’t have to be like today.

Who we are

Ascension holding uses the best of breed technologies to streamline your business processes. Ascension holding is a UAE headquartered software development company with offices in UK and development centers in Asia; specializing in the design, development, and delivery of innovative and bespoke software systems and mobile applications, ERP integration, consulting and web development services. With simplicity and agility at its core, we are about helping customers automate their processes by delivering intuitive and reliable technology solutions.

Our rapidly growing company was established in 2018 with a growing presence in the UK, North America, Middle East and Asia. We are a company that is always at the cutting edge of industry developments to help take their clients to the next level.

A proven track record

We are a bespoke software development company with a proven track record of delivery. We are trusted by leading organisations to build technology solutions that simplify complexity and enable people to work smarter. As an established software development company, our experience in complex development projects spans multiple industries, from retail, manufacturing to agriculture and oil and gas. Ensuring you that we have the ability to design and deliver a streamlined software solution that matches the requirements, timescales and budget of your organization at highly competitive pricing.

A collaborative partnership

With a focus on complex, mission-critical software development, our company places a strong focus on working in a collaborative partnership with your business in order to gain a deep understanding of your business processes, operations and people. This is to ensure that every piece of functionality is built to clearly align with your business objectives in a lean and phased approach. This collaborative approach continues throughout the bespoke software development project, with the use of various communication channels and methods. Enabling us to gain clarity on new and existing requirements, whilst keeping within your agreed project costs and timescales.

Full project visibility

We are focused on being an open and transparent software development partner, valuing that success lies in allowing full visibility across bespoke software development projects. We empower you to choose the level of engagement most suited to your circumstance and business set up. From participating in project planning sessions, to reviewing feature backlogs and test results, tracking development progress, providing feedback and changes and additions to your system. We maintain best practices in the industry and a governance structure that delivers.

Scalable applications

We have extensive experience in delivering software applications across a variety of platforms. Our teams have diverse experience in delivering complex and scalable, business-critical applications for specific platforms that are subsequently released across other platforms. We ensure that your application framework can securely adapt and scale overtime, in line with your business and that you are supported in a timely and efficient manner throughout.

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